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“Now is the time to open the door to all of God’s children” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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DOWNLOAD | Stories of Jesus, Race, & Reconciliation By: Lisette Fraser

DOWNLOAD | 8 questions an Italian caucasian female youth pastor in Harlem asked us about CITY Ministry. #CITYTALKS

DOWNLOAD | What if every CITY kid new that losing could be the quickest way to WIN?!






What It Takes to Raise a Strong-Willed Blessing

What It Takes to Raise a Strong-Willed Blessing

One of my most favorite things about being a parent is picking up my little one, Dylan, from school. I mean, it’s like it’s Christmas and I’m Santa. When I open her classroom door, she drops whatever she’s doing, busts into a full sprint towards me, wraps her little...

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Touching The Community You Serve

Touching The Community You Serve

Every church is physically placed in a neighborhood to be salt, an agent that preserves, and light, a voice of God-consciousness. As youth leaders, we are privileged to work with youth to develop supportive communities as they journey through adolescence. It is...

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We’ve been working hard as a team to do our best to be the most diverse curriculum in the World. We hope we’ve met at least some of our goals. Check out our curriculum here:

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